Acquinime – Final (9) – Soul Eater

Soul Eater

Soul Eater Manga Link

Alright for this week’s final posts I will lean toward getting my audience more involved. I plan to add images that would give you a visual aspect as to what these shows and stories provide.

Now getting to Soul Eater this show revolves around two sides, whether they seek out to bring peace and balance or power also those of the normal. One key setting would be that the director provides would be Death City. I know that the name of the city does sound like a wonderland, but I kid you not that the good of characters happen to be living in Death City, while the bad would be somewhere else outside of the city. The views should also know that within this show the characters contain powers those of meisters who are talented and rely on their weapons and willpower, and weapons those of who the meisters wield and witches whose powers are self-explanatory.  In addition to Death City, there is an invisible aura that acts like a barrier surrounding the city. This Aoura comes from the protector of Death City and his name is Shinigami also known as Death. To throw off my viewers the barrier doesn’t keep one from breaking in but keeps something from breaking out. Now, you’re probably wondering what but your gonna have to read and find out.

Image result for soul eater death city

Death City Link

Characters: Soul Eater Main Characters Link

Shinigami – AKA Death – Meister

Maka Albarn –  Meister – Evans Partner

Soul Eater Evans – Weapon – Maka’s Partner

Death The Kid – Meister – Deaths Son – Liz and Patty’s Partner

Liz and Patty Thompson – Weapon – Death The Kid’s Partner

Black Star – Meister – Naka’s Partner

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa – Weapon – Blackstar’s Partner



Although there are many other important characters like Stein, Medusa, Death Scythe, and Asura the Kishin.

Madness is what brought Death City to where it is now. Madness is everything that every person fears most and it is what every person of evil desires most. Those who kill the innocent and take their souls turn toward the more evil side, but those who rid of evil becomes a student at the death meister academy.

It all begins with a meister and their weapons in order for them to become stronger they will need to rid the evil of the Kishin souls at least ninety-nine and one witch soul in order for the weapon to become a death scythe. And the meister becomes stronger within body and mind.

Meisters like make and weapons like Evan carry on the task and mission to become powerful and take on various missions those of which lead to new friends and new enemies.

Near the end of season 4 of Soul Eater all the meisters and weapons seek to bring down the root of all evil that the only one has succeeded to be and that would be Asura. Asura used to be one of many of Lord Death’s guards but he sought out to become more powerful and killed many of the innocent which later brought him to become a Kishin.

A mass battle was sought to bring everyone into madness, but one meister had so much bravery. Bravery with just one word can have many meanings behind it. Brought the Kishin trembling with confusion as to why one meister was not in fear of the presence of the Kishin sought out to be…

Image result for kishin asura

Kishin Image Link

If you want to find out more be sure to do it on your own. If you enjoyed that bit of summary of Soul Eater you can watch it on Netflix.


Overall I have really enjoyed Soul Eater and connot wait for many seasons to come. Soul eater has really mixed up with my prefrence to anime I was really about seeing anime of characters that had nothing and became something much more, but Soul Eater was someone that had something and became stronger within body and soul. I would recommend this show because of the drama and action scenes that was brought to my attention. In case you didnt know I am very entertained as to why I picked this genre and topic to make my Final blog about because I really enjoy anime and hope that my readers and viewers feel the same.

If you have any questions comment down below 🙂







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