Acquinime – Final (11) – Shriek!

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Final Blog post and I advise my viewers to read up on this one! To find Shriek download Webtoon it is a free app that has a variety of stories and genres. And for this particular story, it suggests having headphones on while you read to hear and really have an idea of being involved with the stories. Shriek is different it’s not just one story it has other stories within shriek, not like Home Sweet Home.

Review/ Reflection:

To save me the time I don’t intend on explaining all the stories within Shriek but I may suggest one that stood out for me. One, in particular, is all of them! I’m saying this because I really did enjoy the thrill of all the stories each one brought that stole my attention. All of which has a very different storyline and scary pop-ups.

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Shriek is a mystery finding out what happened to what character and reading up on what happened that brought it to a chilling storyline is an experience that myself can explain about because I for one can see the little details and now from the vibe that it may or may not be trusted. For example, if I see something that is out of the ordinary then I know not to bother it but the characters tend to seek out what it is and out of curiosity. I guess you can say that curiosity can bring fortune or misfortune depending on what you wish to seek about.

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Personal preference really does come down to this story whether you like thrilling stories or not I still would recommend it I have a feeling others would enjoy. I have a friend that gets really paranoid over stuff like this but he had overcome those feelings and read through the stories Shriek had provided and it did give him chills but that was because he read in the dark. He then said that the story wasn’t bad at all and would love to read more when the author publishes more but until then he did love the stories.

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Although this may be my very final post I still love to read and watch anime as is and carry on to do so for entertainment purposes. To my viewers, if I hadn’t done my job as to provide a topic blog that would bring to your attention I am sorry and I really tried my best, but to those I did bring your attention towards I really hope you did enjoy my blog posts on Acquinime and suggested some very entertaining shows and stories.

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If you have questions comment down below and I hope you enjoyed my final Blog! 🙂








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