Acquinime – Final (10) – Home Sweet Home

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Believe it or not Home Sweet Home is not another show it is a story! The genre of this story is thrilling and can be dramatic at times.


Home Sweet Home spirals around one character his name is Hyun Cha and his tragic storyline begins with the death of his family and everyone around him starts to change and his whole world is ruined. At times I get very confused but I still intend on reading as to what happens next. Hyun Cha then moves into his own place and Hyun was a very isolated person who does not want to be bothered. Hyun spends most of his time online but remains anti-social. While being alone he encounters someone talking to him. Knowing he is still in his room he hears a faint voice talking which drives him insane and tells him what needs to be done.

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While this goes on I have read that everyone Hyun Cha encounters they slowly turn as to what I suggest to be zombies, and Hyun Cha doesn’t seem bothered up until Hyun goes online and sees a massive virus outbreak alert on his desktop. Shocking as it may seem it just phases past Hyun.

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Hyun Cha’s apartment building is on lockdown and nothing can get in or out at least that’s what the developer of Home Sweet Home would want you to think, but those within the building can still become infected.

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Fast forward and Hyun Cha encounters zombies or monsters and the infected. This is where survival is key to Hyun Cha but knowing others are still alive and well within his building and through the connection of the cyber world. Hyun Cha becomes a man of bravery and tries to save others that need help.

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Something prevents Hyun Cha. The Voice in his head Drives him insane and at times he would become sad, stunned, and angry with the voice in his head.

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This storyline is quite confusing but when you get the hang of it its understanding but typing it into words when it’s like reading a comic strip it is challenging. But I really did enjoy reading Home Sweet Home makes me think that the title doesn’t fit Hyun Cha’s description though because he lost his family and his world. Overall I did enjoy the Character of Hyun Cha and how he was an anti-social boy that wanted to do something good for a change and help others in need so he wasn’t alone at the end.

If you’re interested in reading more download the app Webtoon.

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