Blog Tours – Final (7) – Chance

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Intro to the world of sports- Great what I will be looking forward to is to what sports genre will I be reading about? or will it be a coverage of all sports? Who knows, well I just have to keep reading.

The details- I noticed that Chance plays baseball and I too know my way around the sport, but I let that go ever since I was a child. Enough of that Chance explains what most of his posts will be about and I see that Chance has provided that of the season’s different sports are being played. This information allows me to search up the variety of sports being held given that time of the season and is very helpful. Say if I were to see if a baseball game was being held in December. The game wouldn’t pop up given the season of winter.

T-Wolves Talk- Seems to me that Chance really has connected to this genre of topic about the Timberwolves and losing a star player Jimmy Butler that of which brought the team together, but with that being said Chance included that Tom Thibodeau should be fired for not being the great coach he should be. Now that is something that viewers should see and research about. If someone is as bad as someone says they are then there has to be a reason behind it. Chance exclaimed that he didn’t push his players, hTom let his fans down, and he needs to rebuild his teaching. All of reason and with a comment to better Tom. This is great reading from someone else’s personal perspective. You are somewhat able to know the feeling behind chance. He’s Furious! Not really though, actually I don’t know.

Vikings- Honestly  I am confused I am not really into sports hate to say, well if I played it be different, but watching others play really is confusing to me. Having Chance mention secondary, offensive line, etc… I understand but the frustration behind me doesn’t quite hit me. It may be that I don’t watch sports often unless its anime. On the other hand great frustration towards the game. You can tell when someone is really into it when they have a passion for sports.

Vikes- Well thought out. Again I’m confused but understand. Another game with the Viking and the defense has improved. Chance has seen the improvement. In Chance’s last post he had said the defensive line could use some work and yet they have given his comment “I feel like our defense did their job and then some”.

Overall great posts I enjoyed reading his blog and learned something about it. It is to never be frustrated about a game if your not the one playing that is all. I’ve also learned other things like secondary, offense, and even players.

If anyone has questions about my reflection toward chances post feel free to comment down below 🙂


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