Acquinime – Final (8) – Clare

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“Hey, Woman!”- Turning fashion into words seems like a challenge to clean looking through most of the posts it looks as if she has done it. Amazing. Clare was inspired by Veronika Heilbrunner and wanted to make her post based on Veronika’s but with her own twist to it. I and Clare have learned that using image and text helps the viewer have a better understanding as to what the viewer is reading by following up with a picture.

France- Research and a personal opinion tie into this post about the wrap dresses, jump suits, and block heels. This gives me an understanding from both background and Clare. I like the technique used. I learn a little and read Clare’s feedback.

The United Kingdom- Similar to France.

France vs the United Kingdom-  Compare and contrast the similarities and differences. I always like a good battle and reading this post gets me more involved. Now for what I have to say is the United Kingdom all the way! I choose classic over daring. Why you may ask? Just a personal choice in fashion. Given the info, Clare has provided. She had traveled to England and has the first-hand experience with the fashion there. Clare included that the British dress more sophisticated while still being classy and I would say she would have a bad vibe just cause they were conservative and kept to themselves, but that’s just regulars trying to make ends meet without being bothered. I really like this post. I feel more interested as to what comes next. Clare also mentions that she will continue to improve with her work. Looking forward to it.

“Hello Fashion”-  Roadblock unlocked. No longer Clare is frustrated with research, but Clare has improved by finding the specific clothing wear for occasions, seasons, and events. Continuing to get past something that just needs more looking into gives off a great feeling.

India- the Special time of the year! Men and women wear their best outfits dressed for a special occasion really gives meaning to “special”. Having to wear an attire that you most loved to wear on a special day gives you a positive feeling and attitude towards what lies ahead. This post contained the research, images. But didn’t see a personal opinion on it, which is fine. On the other hand, it seems it did come from a personal view as to the research. Clare seems involved with the fashion and topic.

Sweden- Similar to India.

India vs Sweden- *Eye-Catching!* Personal thoughts toward the difference of clothing. A more developed country compared toward one another. Spiritual vs less so. Different celebrations. Comfort vs culture.

As a result, I enjoyed reading Clare’s blog and look forward to seeing more fashionable choices around the world!

That is all if you have any questions feel free to comment down below 😉


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