Acquinime – Final (5) – Seven Deadly Sins

seven deadly sins

Seven Deadly Sins is for sure on my top ten list even though I had recently watched the TV series on Netflix, and  I can’t wait for season 4!

Summary: The Seven Deadly Sins are the main protagonists of the show hence the title. With that being said let me explain the characters and their abilities so you and I can relate as to why this show is great for entertainment purposes of course. With that being said the leader of the Sins is Sir Meliodas- Dragon sin of wrath: ability Full Counter, Second in command is King- Grizzly’s sin of sloth: ability Disaster, Third would be Diane- Serpent’s sin of Envy: ability: Creation, Fourth is Merlin- Boar’s sin of Gluttony: ability Infinity, Fifth includes Ban- Fox’s sin of Greed: ability Snatch, Sixth also includes Gowther- Goat’s sin of Lust: ability Invasion, Last but not least to me the most powerful sin of all Escanor- Lion’s sin of Pride: ability Sunshine.

The Seven Deadly Sins have a task to overthrow the grand masters of holy knights and basically keep the peace, but then everyone throughout the world sees the Sins as violent criminals who do nothing but murder and destroy. Although the people of the Lione’s Kingdom were saved by the Sin’s from the demons and Grand master’s. The kingdom sought different views toward the Sin’s and now have changed.

The Sins continue their mission to defeat the ten commandments and strive to become stronger as both an individual and as a team.

Reflection: I would recommend my viewers to watch this show due to the drama and action between the characters of both good and evil. This is because as you have thought some people are truly evil they still do things for the better wether its a small gesture and or comment don’t view others as if you only see the bad side of them.

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