Acquinime – Final (4) – Kuroko No Basket

Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko No Basket is different than the three other blogs I have posted about, Kuroko No Basket is about seven basketball players who are the most elite players that have special abilites.


In Junior High there was a basketball team named ” the generation of miracles” who was the most elite players ever to be crwoned champion three years in a row. But after going their separate ways to highschool they became rivals. The main protaginst in this anime is Kuroko Tetsuya who is the “Phantom Man” because his ability is to easily pass the ball and assist his teammates without getting spotted. He met a another protaginst Kagami Taiga, his passion is to take upon the “generation of miracles” and to beat every team he come across. While playing for Seirin High School as freshmans both Kuroko and Kagami had came across Kuroko old teammates that they had to play against. Every game they played against Kuroko old teammates felt so nerve wrecking because one person will get injured or something bad will happened. While playing against them all his old teammates think they can beat Kuroko because he lacked athletic abilites and couldn’t score but with him partnering with Kagami they were unstoppable. There was one old teammate that was undefeated his name was Akashi Seijuurou, he was the best and was Kuroko captian. Akashi wanted to defeat Kuroko which he almost did but Kuroko and Kagami figured out a plan to defeat him and they won. They proved Kuroko teammates that him and Kagami and Kuroko teammates can beat them without having to be unique.

Reflection/ Review:

This anime taught me that no matter what you cant give up what you are passion about it, even though people will talk you down. Kuroko wasn’t that bad at basketball but he wasn’t good either, but he helped carry his team to the finals and won. He proved to people that he can win with the lack of athletic and skills , he actually took his spare time to practice to be better. They opened my eyes because no matter what people will talk down to you but you always gotta prove them wrong.

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