Acquinime – Final (3) – My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia another show about a boy that turns zero to hero.


Izuku Midoriya with no special quirk/ powers, but he is one of many to be handed down or given a power all wish to have. This power is handed down from All Might himself, and in this show, All Might is one of the best heroes that all admired and when he was off fighting crime, Midoriya did the same without any powers, but with heart. This has led up to meeting Midoriya’s favorite hero and throughout his stubbornness. Midoriya was given All Might’s power because All Might has seen what Midoriya could become. All Might sought to himself that he was too much like Midoriya when he was little and given his stubborn and his heroic attitude that he may become the next All Might. Throughout the show, there have been some bad criminals that wanted All Might dead, but no one was up for it until an occurrence from the League of Villians. The League of Villians has made a creature called “Nomu’s” that contain the same equal strength as All Might but very much enhanced from regeneration to an incredible amount of strength. Furthermore, All Mights strength weakens, because he had given Midoriya his quirk and gives the League of Villians the upper hand. Given that All Might had no intention on dying and letting others get hurt he gave his all in defeating Nomu, which he had did, but the League of Villians had more in store, and All Might wasn’t so might anymore it is up to Midoriya to continue All Might’s journey.

Reflection/ Review:

With all has said to be given something that you strive to even have the slightest belief in is an important part in your life whether good or bad. I believe that if you have a certain agenda and if its something you had always wanted your entire life I suggest you go for it why you may or may not be given a second chance. Hunter X Hunter has really been a motivator for me just cause some of the characters to have similar traits that I may relate too, and seeing what Midoriya has done through the show even without a quirk sets off a certain spark that even though he had nothing and no one believed in him because he had no quirk he has still shown to prove that others definite decision on you prove nothing only if you believe in it.

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