Acquinime – Final (2) – Hunter X Hunter


Hunter X Hunter is my second anime series and I appreciate that you are on this exciting anime journey with me so please take a second to read the following for I will have personal reflections, summaries, and reviews of my all time favorite anime shows and more.


Gon Freecss is a young man with a big dream. The dream to find and be just like his father. A hunter! Ever since Gon’s father went away on an important mission one that only he could go alone, but if Gon ever needed to find him, Gon would have to do just what he has always been doing. It’s just like that saying “The secret lies within”. Anyways Gon seeks out on his own in order to become a hunter, he would then need to complete the exams. The exams are basically human trials of strength, knowledge, and courage. All of which Gon and his best of friends did. Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio are all his friends and forgotten to mention Ging. Gon’s father. All have become pro hunters and when there is danger there are the pro hunters!

Reflection/ Review:

All of the characters have very unique powers and strength, which entertains me. I have always liked the action, thrills, and adventuring movies, shows, and even books. Hunter X Hunter falls right under my personal preferences. Just like One Punch Man, Gon Trains hard for what he becomes to be and his powers come from within. Gons abilities out rules all and makes him of one of the strongest. In my opinion strength and knowledge is my favorite mixture of having powers. Getting to my reflection I would consider my viewers to trust in me when I choose the shows and readings I will blog about. I can also say that Hunter X Hunter is a role that plays into my existing childhood and fantasy. Having to share with others about a part of me is a really great opportunity to connect and I’m realizing this now.. With that being said watch Hunter X Hunter and you’ll see what I am coming from its a really fascinating show if you’re into my personal genre, but if not give it a try. Gon is a formal example of leadership and courage risking his life to save many, and I would advise that for coming in second doesn’t really matter if you just like anime in general.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and don’t forget to comment down below your thoughts and questions 🙂


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