Acquinime – Final (1) – One Punch Man


One Punch Man Is my all time favorite anime show! This would bring me joy to give a personal review on towards my target audience. Those that have a similar interest throughout the anime world.


One Punch Man is a heroes story. One that would involve failure and strivery. Saitama is the main character of One Punch Man. With that being said Saitama is one punch man. Saitama always wanted to help the world and wanted something just to do for fun and that is what he did. Saitama went through an amassed amount of training that of which lead to his hair loss from stress, but he also gained a perfect physique through training. Saitama daily routine would consider being 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, and 10KM running (6.2 miles) Each day. With that being said all greatest heroes do not fight alone. Genesis is Saitama’s disciple or a student. Genesis wishes to be as strong as Saitama, so Genesis sticks around as a student to learn from one of the strongest heroes of One Punch Man. Saitama is what he and his fans would call a “hero for fun” this is because Saitama tends to be bored and he would also like to help his community or district. Saitama has joined The Hero Alliance to fight off those who terrorize the cities. For more information on Saitama’s heroes registry I will leave a link: One Punch Man- Heroes Registry.

Reflection/ Review:

Like I had said in the beginning that One punch man was my favorite anime show I do also have an opinion about it. Personally knowing that from what Saitama has belief in. Made me think what I to want to beleive in and it had brought my self into consider that in order to be what you want it would need training, and heart. From what Saitama experienced it has paid off for him to be zero to hero and making me wonder how someone could of thought of a show like this. Myself and the creator have a personal interest of strength and hope. All in all One Punch Man is an anime show worth watching and I certainly enjoyed it, but with only being one season has me wanting more, but time will tell.

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