Final Project: Acquinime I

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I have decided to make my blog all about anime, the blog name will be ‘Acquinime’. This was created by combining me Cambodian name and anime, it is about me expressing my personal thought about all animes and it’s target audiences that are interested about anime. The audience can be people who are curious what anime is all about and what is so important about it.

There have been events around popular states, for example Los Angeles that has been hosting an event called “Comic Con”. Where people can dress up in their favorite characters and interact with others who share same interest. Anime is worldwide and has been popular for decades, a lot of people who have been watching their favorite shows on Asian apps that produced it, which is why the purpose of my blog will be about my opinions and thoughts about all the sources you can watch it on, certain anime series, and my thoughts about anime, wether I like or dislike the website or show. I will research anime more and give feedback on articles to my audience about anime. I will be posting about positive and negative review, but I will write down what I think and what I feel about a certain article or show about anime.

While researching on the internet there are alot of articles and some positive and negative opinions about anime, which I am going to try to make my blog into, but I will read other opinions to see why they like or dislike anime and show my honest opinion on my blog. My blog will be my personal talk show, commenting on things that are eye catching about anime and what created and made anime the big entertainment feature for certain audiences.

I am not trying to accomplish anything about my blog, I want to give out my honest opinion and guide the audience about why I chose to make my blog about anime and share my common interest about anime.

Making this blog will be a hassle, but I will commit on writing each week about certain anime or a blog I have read related to anime. Every post I will be doing will vary on how long the article will be, some will be two or three paragraphs or more, It depends on how I am interested about writing my opinion about the topic I was really endorsed in. That is when time commitment will come. I will use sources that can help my article on spelling or letting someone read to me about my post to see what I can change to make it better. I will need help from other writing sources to better my blog in areas I need to work on, the commitment I will show on my blog will show how dedicated I will write about my opinions on topics, articles, and shows.


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