The Selfie Post

Fourteen post: 10/29/18 1:01 pm

img_4352.jpgThe first photo I have chosen is a outfit of the day selfie, I chosen this picture because I like fashion, I usually take my time in the morning to find an outfit that goes with each other. I had a Instagram account that I post my outfit of the day selfies, to show people about what I like to wear, I follow a lot of fashion pages on Instagram because I like the style and some of my inspiration comes from different pages to. I was making a connection towards Seeing Ourselves Through Technology, While reading chapter 3, I found a quote that I can relate. “A weblog or social media feed consists of a continuously expanded collection of posts, each aspect of the writer or an image showing a version of themselves (Rettberg 35)” I can relate to the quote because all my social media I like to post pictures or share other people pictures because I want people to see what I like to do with my free time. 


The second photo I chosen is a picture of me wearing a purge mask while smoke was coming out of my eyes. This was taken at one of my friends house while it was a Halloween party, I decided to wear my purge mask because I like the design on it. My brother decided to take pictures of me with his new phone he got, and one of the options on his phone is portrait mode (which means that the pictures will look good with better quality). When he was taking pictures I decided to turn on the neon lights and blow some smoke out out of my eyes, to get a cool shot. When I saw this picture I was amazed how this picture came out and how its in the spirit for Halloween.


The last photo I have chosen is a normal selfie, I went to go hiking with my family to whitewater state park. While hiking I was capturing beautiful landscape when I was up high on the hill , seeing the beauty of nature and taking a picture of every thing I thought looked amazing. In Seeing Ourselves Through Technology ““Szucs’s mass of self-portraits cannot be seen today without thinking of Instagram and the millions of selfies posted every day in social media (Rettberg 34)“. Even though I was taking pictues of the landscape and other things I didn’t post it on social media because not everything needs to be on social platform.

While reading Seeing Ourselves Through Technology Chapter 3 I understand that there are other options people like to do while taking selfies, and other platforms people use to take there pictures with. There are ways people like to share their pictures to show other people what they thought was eye catching to them. No matter what pictures are like treasures to people they keep what are special to them by capturing it “take a picture it will last longer” I heard this before and I agree because if you miss that oppurtunity you wont have anything to remember a certain event that happened in your life.


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