Seeing Ourselves Through Technology Chapter 3 “Serial Selfies”

phone iphone taking photo selfie
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Thirteenth post: 10/19/18 2:01 pm


Serial selfies are simplified to self- represented genre that are strongly serial: time- lapse selfie videos, profile photo’s in social media, and photobooths, one of the closest pre- digital precedents of today’s selfies. (pg 33). Serial selfies are what to be a problems of cat fishing in my opinion. Cat-fishing is basically someone through media has a false identity due to the pictures given to the viewer. Cat-fishing can lead to misunderstanding’s or worst kidnapping and or rape. Stealing/ making a false identity is quite easy in one or three steps. These steps would include making an email, then linking the email to a social media app, and lastly adding false images. The rest would lead to private messaging etc…

Key Words:

  • Curation: Is involved with assembling, managing, and presenting some type of collection.
  • Analogue: Relating to or using signals of information represented by a continuously variable physical quantity such as a spatial position or voltage.
  • Proclivities: A tendency to choose or do something regularly; or an inclination or predisposition toward a particular thing.
  • Frenetically: Attempt to beat a deadline or bursts of energy.
  • Quotidian: Of or occurring everyday; daily.
  • Hyper textual: A software system that links topics on the screen to related information and graphics, which are typically accessed by a point and click method.


  • Lifelogger: Chronicling the everyday. Many artists take in this action of words to take on new level by translating their data into complex and prodigious artwork.
  • Suzanne Szucs: Emphasizes quantity and rhythm. I really liked her actions toward artwork because of the everyday life of taking a quick unrelated or related photo throughout her day and captioning its phrase within that moment. Her idea of Polaroids and using it as art and captions has connected to today’s society of posting an image online and saying a few words after the image is very similar.

Very short of notes, but I will post what I have so far sorry for the inconvenience and please if you have questions comment down below 🙂



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