Seeing Ourselves Through Technology (Final) – rough

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Twelfth post: 10/12/18 10:46 pm

Calvin On

Bonnie, Robinson

October 10, 2018


Chapter Two Filtered Reality (Reflection)

First things first, let’s talk about filters. How do others or yourself perceive filters? Let me start off with what “filter” really is. Filter, a term at which is an understanding of algorithmic culture, but there is many ways that the term filter is used. This varies throughout many cultures. In the American culture at least to my knowledge we perceive filters as a way of technologically editing images and personal hygiene. This includes text, images, news, clothing, language, etc this is used in everyday life. It is a persuasive metaphor for the ways in which technology can remove certain content and how it can alter or distort text, image, and data. 

For instance, an electronics filter is “a passive circuit that attenuates all signals except those within one or more frequency bands”  (Oxford English Dictionary). This would provide the ability to process, or reform images and data and remove unwanted data. This is helpful in cases that if you were to process an image, and show publicly you may or may not use the “natural” effects of the image. This is very difficult to define because people may perceive “natural” as the original image of a photo for example, but “natural” images in today’s society is the use of a filter because of the influence of Instagram. Instagram has brainwashed everyone to use filters as a habitual tool to use off of instinct.

In addition Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, and Twitter all major apps that people use in the society we live in today have allowed you to filter out images, and texts. Although filter is not an actual problem, The problem is that we take advantage of filters and forget that we use it all the time whether you notice or not we don’t seem to dig straight into Filters.

Given these points we should also take advantage of the internet and self educate ourselves with key points of everyday activity that we don’t often take a moment and think about. This would include phones, school, flu, laws, and etc. After all people don’t consider these ideal techniques and tools often, It is nice knowing that I am now aware of my actions when using such items placed at my fingertips. 

I am sorry for the late post, I just couldn’t edit and post after class due to work. No excuses I will have a more edited paper tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please if you have any questions, comment, or concerns comment down below 🙂


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