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forest trees fog foggy
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Ninth post: 10/05/18 12:30 am

Every night waking up from nightmares, looking around not having anyone not even my family around was terrifying. I remember it was March 27th 2020 when we heard the sirens go off my family and I thought we were prepared for all this to happen, but I was wrong, it felt like yesterday that not knowing my life would have changed. I was the only one in my family to survive the earthquake, the increasing temperature in the weather even a nuclear disaster. After experiencing those global changes happening drastically it felt like no one survived and all communications were cut off, I’m surprised I’m still alive after surviving that horrifying event. It has been twelve years ever since the whole disaster, I believe the year is 2032 now I’m thirty-three years old. I’ve been living in this bunker, for the time being, having food and water stacked up. My first time going up to the surface when I was running low on the food source, the earth was not the same anymore, it turned into a wasteland. Disgusting things were floating everywhere I’m glad I found a gas mask to help protect me from breathing toxic waste. For the time being, I’ve been on the search for the “internet” it feels like years knowing the “internet” has been wiped out and been forgotten for decades. After years and years of trying to discover the disappearance of the internet, I have finally uncovered it. I was tracking my steps and plotting what areas I haven’t discovered to try to find a power station. It was hard to find a power station having some kind of source to work the solar and turbine energy ( which is the main key to help power the devices and connect to the web). I always wonder if I’m the only one who discovered the disappearance of the internet? But I just feel like it’s not true since I been by myself ever since. After researching on the internet I came across some articles that say the satellite systems could continue providing internet access even if landline networks were knocked out (MaxCDN). I need to search out more to see if I can find any more details about the internet, I never been so amused after it was wiped out. It feels like I’m addicted to the internet already? I feel like a little kid that doesn’t want to get off their device because I’m too addicted. It has just been so long feeling this moment, discovering the most important thing all human beings like to use.

I spent a good hour researching about the internet what I could find, what was so special about the internet and why did people get so attached easily. I’ve remembered people used it for getting ahold of someone or used it for watching videos or watching the news. I discovered old “apps” like facebook, youtube, even Instagram that people use to used every single day. This thing feels like the most powerful thing in the universe, in my own perspective, it felt like no one can live without it. That is why I started looking for answers to see if the internet is still out there. I’m glad I found it which means I can help and produce it out there more, to get in contact with someone or a community or something. I just need to know if I’m the only one living in this world or not and figure out more about the internet.


forest trees fog foggy


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