Seeing Ourselves Through Technology Notes

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Sixth post: 9/21/18 3:32 am

Main Idea:

  • Technology is a means to see part of ourselves.
  • This book explains the ways in which we represent ourselves. Today through digital technology.
  • Trust in quantitative data, even to express our experiences and emotions.
  • A requirement of religious self discipline that recounted a spiritual journey towards personal salvation.
  • Filter blogs and driven blogs – Japanese diary tradition “Nikki Bangaku.” Material and idea the blogger is interested in rather than story on life.
  • The history on quantitative self representation.
  • Temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, chastity, tranquility, and humanity.
  • Today’s society will be heard and who will be taken seriously.

Key Term:

  • “Filter” – How certain aspects of ourselves expressions are removed or filtered out, and how our self expression may be altered as we use different technology genre and modes to represent our self.
  • Balance between self expression and surveillance.
  • Inscription – signature of an individual who takes himself onto nature.
  • Transcendentalism – life and work collide and fuse.
  • Vernacular genre.


  • 1524 Parmigiano mirror example – selfies – Instagram.
  • Benjamin Franklin – virtue.
  • Markham – “We write self into being” but to “recognize our own existence in any meaningful way, we must be responded to.”
  • Lisa Boncheck Adams story of tweeting her 160,000th tweet of cancer in her left breast and radiation burns.
  • Scott Simon tweets about his mothers last days – insensitive – supportive.
  • Jane Tompkins “How can we speak personally to one another and not be self centered?” “One another”


  • Visual self portraits in history.
  • Self portraits and writing studied by historians.
  • Text in real time affects actual people rather than movies or novels.
  • Ridicule/ pathological stereotypical selfie takers.


  • Ways in which wearable tracking devices and web services are automating our self representations and writing our diaries for us. So I have experienced that wearing a device can notify and track your daily activities. Say if I were to exercise my portable device can tell me my heart rate, steps, miles, or even notify me when I need to stop and hydrate myself. This can all be set up with a push of a button.
  • Image, text, and numbers. People who are always on social media like myself tend to scroll down the news feed and see what people from all over the world are experiencing. It’ll either be the weather, sports, or relatable hobbies. I am able to see that through the images they are posting or the articles they are publishing or even the quantity amount say if it was stocks I am able to see how much stocks are and etc.
  • Consideration of oneself. Self, time, reflection, sin, mind. Taking the time to think about oneself is a motivating factor if your leaning in the right direction. I like to learn more toward the positive side. I would think about how my day is going to be like or what new things I am going to be doing and thinking about this can really boost your self esteem. So take time and consider oneself.
  • Spreadsheets/ track. This useful tool is used for a variety of topics and activities. I personally use this for my daily routine of school, lunch, work, dinner, and workouts. I am able to track my time record of when I should be doing these tasks and I tend to do things at a specific time and measure out how I am able to either reduce or increase my time effort to make the best of my routine.
  • Person we know compared to a stranger. Humans nowadays tend to communicate to the peoples closest to them rather than a complete stranger. The more you know one another the more you can relate to another, on the other hand talking to a stranger can be hard because you don’t know when or what you can converse about given the lack of experience with each other.
  • Young teen bloggers without censorship. In todays society teens have a highly chance of being victims because of there openly shared images or texts. It is a scary feeling knowing that someone on the other side is paying really close attention to you without the person ever knowing. I know people who share image by mistake and regret every bit of it so be safe and careful of what you post because you never know what might happen.

Thank you for following along, and if you have questions comment down below 🙂


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