Response “Seeing Ourselves Through Technology”

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Seventh post: 9/21/18 3:45 am

Seeing ourselves through technology. My honest thought would be that the article or story was a bit confusing. My idea of the main point was that it was trying to explain that the idea of using photo’s as a way of showing another person a different view about ourselves and that we are able to change our thought about our emotions and character by adding a simple tool called a “filter.” Another key main idea would be image, text, and numbers. I thought this was knowledgeable because this is used in everyday life, and through technology, which this era is revolved around. People tend to use the digital world rather than a piece of paper to keep track of what there daily task is.My overall experience was that I find this article or chapter one of the story more as a refresher, because we use technology in everyday life that for example if I were to post a picture. I would forget the main purpose of what goes toward a simple post than having to think deeply about why we choose to post the picture in the first place.

Thank you for reading my response and if you have questions comment down below 🙂


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