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Fourth post: 9/13/18 1:11 am

Summary: Why blog? this question is one of many people question that no one can not wrap their heads around. Though there are some pros and cons about blogging. it plays an important role, for people that are good with writing, and typing. Blogging i good to get feed back in an instant. That is if the blogger chooses to make it publicly.

The main question is what is blogging? People tend to think blogging is just writing about say… an event, well if you see it that way then yes that is what you choose to see blogging as. In reality their really isn’t a true understanding about “blogging”. It is only how you portray blogging about, whether it’d be a personal story or a current event it may be a vast variety of choices to publish about.

So is blogging good or bad? this question is really about understanding the writer or reader choice of words and how your intentions about it. yes their can be some good/ hate comments, but your next step is how you tend to use those words and better your story or article.I personally think blogging is good because I have my way around technology and I am able to share with multiple people my stories.

The “Why blog” article really does give me a better understanding about blogging now at first I had my bad intentions about blogging at first, but that is because my understanding about it was totally opposite. My first thought was “I don’t want anyone else to know what I am thinking about because it is a complete mess, but when reading others stories it gives me a small connection to think that’s how they would publish a story is almost like reading my own. Overall “why blog” is a useful tool to help better understand yourself and others out there.

Thank you and if you have questions comment down below 🙂



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