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Third post: 9/13/18 1:09 am

Main Idea:

  • If you would like to become good at anything it takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Decades of research suggest that such extrinsic motivators can actually hurt our performance on challenging intellectuals task like writing an essay.
  • Posting in formal daily observations about interesting websites , also identifying the particular writing practices.
  • Who is my audience? expectations? reactions? genre? blog is what is shaped by who we wish to write to what our purposes might be.

Key Idea:

  • Malcolm Gladwell- 10,000 hours and dedication to craft or profession to become an expert.
  • According to the 2002 National Survey of Student Engagement the typical first year students writes 92 pages. While the average college senior writes 146 pages. Also the average college student writes less than 500 pages, during his academic career.
  • Through blogging you may find it as motivation not only for writing on your blog, but for writing in general.
  • What is a blog? or better yet your blog?. Blog manly definitions but one may refer blog as “content”.
  • John Barger 1997 – Robot Wisdom.
  • First blogging application “blogger” created by Pyralabs now owned by Google.
  • Technorati.com has seconded 133 million blogs since 2002. Correct events, technology,and entertainment.


  • I personally think that I am unable to keep up with writing because I tend to get lazy, but my ideas keep flowing. I may ramble on about a specific topic that I may not know about, but with little knowledge I know the topic off the top of my head how I can take a small detail and say a whole paragraph about it is outstanding.
  • Writing for me is a task that if I’m more interested in a certain topic researching doesn’t take much because I know from what experience I have or how much knowledge I have on that subject. It may come challenging if the writer has little understanding.



Thank you and If you have questions comment down below 🙂


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