Experience With Write-Me

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Second Post: 9/5/18 1:15 pm

Overall experience is a five out of ten due to the fact that I still don’t know my way around the website. It is a little confusing being a first time blogger I don’t know how to add widgets to a tool bar or anything special like that. I have just figured out how to add my blog to my class of ENGL 1117, thanks to my instructor Mrs. Robinson. I may chose to sit here and type all the more reasons to dislike this website, but it is because I have no experience using it. I came to English to learn more and that I am this blog is just one of the obstacles that I need to overcome and that I shall do. I am not one to give up, but if there is an easy route I will choose to take it. If there is a task that I am assigned to do then I will do it. This is my experience.

Writing a blog post is just like writing in a journal but its virtual and publicly seen by many people. Whereas writing in a journal you may chose who you wish to share your thoughts or ideas with. It is usually kept as a secret or more personal record. I find it more easier to simply type my thoughts because if I have a grammatical error I may turn to the more knowledgeable friend called the “internet”. Although it is the most helpful tool. When I am physically writing in a journal I have to turn to my brain and work its magic to try and find grammar errors myself.

Pros and Cons may come it it how you choose to handle those obstacles. Although it is already 2018 most people now a days tend to express themselves through blogging or texting one another rather than a up close and personal one to one conversation. Which is not a bad thing they are adapting to the use of technology not just as a tool but as if it is someone to go to explain what they are going through or what they need to get of their chest. It is comforting to know that someone out there wants to hear or at least read what you have to say. This is my experience.

Thank you and I am hoping that you have a better understanding of how I think and my writing style If I have to write about my experience with something new I would tend to do so, but I might get carried away and write about my inner self or what others tend to feel of things such as this. Thank you again and comment down below if you have any questions or if you also connected to my post! 🙂



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